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Some Feedback from Our Competitors....

Horseback Riding

'Taking the Stress Out of Dressage...'

No Stress Dressage Feedback

All comments and feedback are taken from our facebook page

'Thank you for helping me make my debut into the dressage world and encouraging me and my mare on our journey by holding fabulous events! and thank you to all the other competitors too, your shows are always so friendly which makes the world of difference x'

'Absolutely love your comps always look forward to them they have definitely given me confidence in the dressage arena, thank you'

'Thank you for a great show. Our first time - really friendly and well organised. Will definitely be back! Thank you so much to the lady organising the warmup etc but still managed to called both tests for me. Much appreciated X'

'Thank you for holding such lovely competitions!! Xx'

'I’m looking forward to coming on the 27th March people always say how lovley and relaxed your competitions are x'

'Thanks so much everyone, we really enjoyed ourselves! X'

'Thank you so much, always so well organised and such lovely people  we had a fab morning and look forward to the next one '

'We had a great afternoon, your always so friendly and welcoming . Have a great Christmas x x'

'These are lovely friendly dressage comps'

'Thank you so much for a lovely well run show...definite tears of happiness! Xx'

'Love your competitions and your rosettes. Thank you for all your hard work.

Happy Christmas x x'

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