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How to Earn Your NSD Points

Combined Training and Dressage NSD points for the Qualifier championship are earned using a points system based on the percentage/ placing that you earn in your class.

Dressage and Combined Training - Dressage and Combined Training NSD Points work out at 10% of your percentage rounded up or down to the nearest whole number.

Show Jumping - Showjumping NSD Points are earned from the following placings:

1st = 8 NSD Points 2nd = 7 NSD Points 3rd = 6 NSD Points 4th = 5 NSD Points

5th = 4 NSD Points 6th = 3 NSD Points 7th = 2 NSD Points 8th = 1 NSD Points


Summer Qualifier Championship Series 2023

You need to earn 30 or more NSD Points for Intro and Prelim Championships and 20 for Novice and Elementary Championships over the duration of the series at that level in that section to qualify to compete at that level in the championship. The championship result will be taken from your performance in that class.

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